War for the Matriarchy

by Jack on Fire

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JASON MOGAVERO instruments, vox

JADY DYER track 1, vox
ETHAN GORMBLEY track 4, trombone
KATIE PARK track 1, vox

all songs written by
except "nuclear war" by SUN RA and "seconds" by HEWSON/EVANS/CLAYTON/MULLEN

cover photo by FARRAH SKEIKY


released May 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Jack on Fire Washington, D.C.

an electropunk anarcho-space slut odyssey

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Track Name: Pussy Generation
who're you calling a pussy? what's that mean to you? let's go through
the characteristics you find sick with the kids annoying you
we show a little bit of fucking respect, anger hatred kept in check
instead of a bigot be politically correct, don't burn bridges be an architect
listen. if these are the things that've got you crying so loud?
sorry i'm not sorry i'm a pussy and i'm proud!

we are the pussy generation
and what about you?

now you've had your time, let's take a look at your paradigm
allow me to submit: if i'm a pussy you're a dick
nonstop racist sexist homophobic shit
a whiny spoiled baby throwing a gimme gimme fit
you never share you never give you only take or beat
and all you say we shouldn't be sounds pretty goddamned good to me

we are the pussy generation
and what about you?

all the mountain men can fuck off to the boondies
take your cowboy bullshit, keep it in the movies
damn the gordon gekkos and the patrick batemans
this new world's got no room for hate, man!

we are the pussy generation
and what about you?
Track Name: Period Sex Is Metal as Fuck
period sex is metal as fuck
i'm pumping iron, you're in luck
that time of month won't stop disrobin'
get yr bits ready for some hemoglobin

surf's up, a ride on the crimson tide
it's a red fountain from my sacred mountain
best believe when i'm done frakkin' ya
your face is gonna look like dracula

stop watching porn. i've got the real red tube
no babies born plus extra lube!

period sex is metal as fuck
the sheets are gonna look like a pig got stuck
Track Name: Well Actually
what would i be without you?
explaining how and what to do
my tiny she-brain needs you to show me the way
well actually, please explain!

i can almost handle taking a bath
but i'll need a hand to do some math
i'm a blank slate with science and video games
well actually, please explain!

that comic book sounds really neat
thank god you told me cos i can't read

i just don't get it without you
explaining how and what to do
your better brain deserves better pay
well actually, please explain!
well actually, i want to set you aflame.
Track Name: Riker Sex Eyes
my resistance is futile
when you get that gaze
set your course for my bed
warp 69, engage!

number one, number one, number one, number one

my hailing frequencies and legs are open
commander of my ass
trombone won't be rusty long
let's make first cuntact

uniform on the floor
fuzzy cheeks are on my thighs
impulse power to your tongue
come on, enter. prise!

number one, number one, number one, number one
Track Name: Nuclear War / Seconds
talkin' about nuclear war
it's a motherfucker, don't'cha know
push that button and your ass has gotta go

takes just seconds to say goodbye
say bye bye, where you going to now?

lightning flashes across the sky, east to west, do and die
like a thief in the night see the world by candlelight

fall, rise and

in an apartment on times square you can assemble them anywhere
held to ransom, hell to pay, a revolution every day
USSR GDR london new york peking
it's the puppets it's the puppets pull the strings

fall, rise and

say goodbye! say goodbye! say goodbye!

gonna blast you so high in the sky
you can kiss your ass goodbye

yeah they're doing the atomic bomb. do they know where the dance comes from?
yeah they're doing the atomic bomb. they want you to sing along!

say goodbye! say goodbye! say goodbye!
Track Name: Ban White Men
attention male caucasians
every city town and nation
please report for deportation
here's the explanation

to no one it's a mystery
that all throughout our history
y'all are the epitome
of hate destruction misery

your self-assigned supremacy
is much more of a blemish, see?
you think that y'all are hennessy
but you're expired gasoline

thanks for bombs and missiles
but it's time for your dismissal
because not to make you bristle
but you're not steak yr gristle

yeah alright white boy say bye bye!

a land of milk and honey
turned to oil, cancer, money
the shit’s no longer funny
mother earth will spank ya sonny

you took the world and broke her
melanin-deficient ogres
pleased as punch and mediocre
man it's time to quell yr odor

always hungry and rapacious
straight to hell yr gonna take us
bless your heart and goodness gracious
fuck off back to the cretaceous

so prepare for stop and frisk
cracking down on guns and dicks
law and order based on this:
you're the world’s greatest risk

yeah alright white boy say bye bye!

Jack on Fire is calling for a total and complete shutdown of white men entering the world until our planet’s representatives can figure out what is going on. According to our Research, among anyone with eyes and a brain, there is great hatred towards the world by large segments of the white male population. Our world cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in white male supremacy, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. We are going to Make the World Great Again.

yeah alright white boy say bye bye!
Track Name: I Jerk Off Cos I Don't Wanna Bother You
i jerk off cos i don't want to bother you
beatin’ off cos this ain't the time for ballin’ you
yeah you're watching netflix; i'll go off and pet this
you're up to season 3, i'll go and take care of me

don't need to grab ya to get it on
abracadabra it's my magic wand
i'll push and pull it, fire up my bullet
you're busy foldin’ your clothes i'll handle my big O

ain't no pressure to get undressed or make a mess of the sheets
take a pass on gettin ass because after all just did the laundry

ya just got clean i'll flick my bean
you're late for work so off ill jerk
deadlines to meet so off I’ll beat
you'd rather nap thus i'll have a fap

i jerk off cos i don't want to bother you